Bespoke In School Support

CPD and support that fits your school, your teachers and your aspirations

CPD for NQTs and RQTs

(number of days: flexible)

Professional development for recently or newly qualified teachers which includes:

  • Direct instruction, coaching, reflection and discussion on the key elements of good teaching.
  • Observation of lessons alongside the course leader with follow up reflection on identifying good practice
  • Gap tasks to implement approaches and further reflection on impact in the classroom.

Lesson Study

(number of session: flexible)

The Lesson study approach to CPD has been recognised world -wide as one of the most effective means of improving and strengthening teachers’ classroom practice. This CPD is best placed in individual Year groups of teachers.

The package of support and CPD will include:

  • A planning session with colleagues to plan in detail the “Research lesson”
  • Observation and reflection time working alongside colleagues to observe the research lesson in turn.
  • Interviews with children and final reflection time with colleagues.
  • Feedback to whole school on findings.

Not Superman just great Subject Leadership.

working with Middle Leaders: (tailored to school needs)

This CPD takes the form of mentoring individual subject leaders who may be inexperienced or new to their post. CPD support will cover:

  • Knowledge of expectations and progression in your subject
  • Digging into data
  • Less of ‘so what’ more of ‘so that’: writing an effective action plan
  • Walking the walk: leading with enthusiasm from the front
  • Gathering and monitoring evidence of quality of teaching and learning

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