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Since 1999, working as a Local Authority consultant and latterly independently, I have had the privilege to work with teachers, senior leaders and headteachers who have one aim in mind: to develop and refine their teaching to be the most effective it can be.

The World of Education can be a fickle creature – fads, trends and ever increasing pressures can serve to muddy our core purpose. For me that has always been the quality of what happens day-to day in the classroom. My part in this is to enable and support teachers to be reflective experts in delivering consistently high quality teaching so that children, captivated and enthused with learning, make the best progress they can.

I firmly believe that high quality classroom-learning focused CPD is not an additional 'extra' for teachers but an essential. As the DfE has stated ‘it is vital that serving teachers have access to on-going, high-quality opportunities to update and refresh their skills and knowledge’ and that ‘evidence-driven, career-long learning is the hallmark of top professions’ Take your eye of this particular ball and it doesn't take long for practice to become stagnant and less effective. Less effective teaching? Less progress. Continual, high quality CPD should be at the heart of every school - an entitlement for every teacher and teaching assistant.

As a Primary consultant, the two areas I provide support and professional development for are; Generic Teaching and Learning Pedagogy and all areas of Early Years and Primary English School Improvement. I provide support and professional development for teachers and leaders in Early Years settings, Key Stage 1 and 2 schools and KS3 Special Schools. Currently, I am a Specialist Leader in Education and a Local Leader in Education, commissioned by a Government Funded Project to support teachers and senior leaders in improving reading outcomes for disadvantaged boys in East Midland schools.

Please see the relevant tabs to view the CPD I can offer schools, senior and middle leaders and individual teachers. Hopefully the testimonials and feedback comments will speak for themselves.

If you would like more information on any of the services available or would like to discuss a specific model of CPD support for your school, please get in touch - it would be very good to work with you and your colleagues.

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